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3 Pips Synthetic Indices Strategy For Boom & Crash Indices πŸ“Š

3 Pips Synthetic Indices Strategy For Boom & Crash Indices

Crash indices are exclusive trading assets offered by Deriv. They are a type of synthetic indices. You can use the 3 pips strategy to grow your account with minimum risk steadily. If you do not have a synthetic indices account you can quickly open one here. Indicators to Use For The 3 Pips Synthetic Indices […]

Volatility 75 Index Strategy For Scalping πŸ“ˆ

The V75 Scalping Trading Strategy

This v75 scalping trading strategy can help you get good profits in the market. It is very simple to follow and set up. What is The V75 Index (VIX 75)? The volatility 75 (V75) index is a type of synthetic index that falls under volatility indices. V75 reflects or copies the behaviour and movement of […]

Profitable Tips For Trading Synthetic IndicesπŸ’Ή

Tips For Trading Synthetic Indices

Synthetic indices offered by Deriv are a popular choice for traders seeking diversified trading opportunities across various global markets. These indices simulate real-world market movements, allowing traders to speculate on their price fluctuations. To help you navigate the exciting world of synthetic indices trading, we’ve compiled a list of top tips that can enhance your […]

How To Trade Multipliers Using Synthetic Indices For Higher Profits! πŸ’°πŸ”₯

How To Trade Multipliers Using Synthetic Indices

What Are Multipliers From Deriv? Multipliers from Deriv offer a great way of limiting risk and increasing potential profits from your trades. When the market moves in your favour, your potential profits will be multiplied. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake. For example, let’s suppose you […]

Synthetic Indices Vs Forex Currency Trading 🍱

Synthetic indices vs forex

This article will compare the similarities and differences between synthetic indices vs forex trading. Difference Between Forex and Synthetic Indices Some of the significant differences between synthetic indices vs currency pairs are: Underlying Asset/ Cause Of Movement Forex pairs move due to the relative strength of the real currencies of different countries. The strength of […]

Advantages Of Trading Synthetic Indices β˜‘

Advantages of trading synthetic indices

Several advantages make synthetic indices trading very attractive. Below is a list of those advantages. Synthetic Indices are not affected by fundamental events Synthetic indices reflect (or copy) the behaviour of the financial markets and they move due to numbers produced by an algorithm. Since they are simulated markets, they are not affected by fundamental […]