How To Trade Synthetic Indices On MT5 ๐Ÿ“ˆ

How To Trade Synthetic Indices On MT5
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This article will show you how to trade synthetic indices on mt5 in seven easy steps. Synthetic indices are unique trading instruments offered by Deriv.

The steps are summarized below.

  1. Register a Deriv mt5 demo account
  2. Create a real Deriv account
  3. Open a Deriv real account mt5 and create the password and login ID
  4. Download and login to the Deriv MT5 platform (DMT5)
  5. Move funds from your main account to the Deriv MT5 synthetic indices account.
  6. Add the synthetic indices you want to trade on Deriv MT5 and start trading

Now let's look at each of these steps in detail.

1. Create A Deriv MT5 Demo Account

First, you need to create a Deriv MT5 demo accountClick the button below to go to the Deriv Metatrader 5 account setup page.

Open DMT5 Demo Account

You will see a page like the one below:

Open A Deriv MT5 Demo account

Click on ‘Create Demo Account‘ or ‘Get Trading‘, enter your email, and agree to the terms & conditions. Confirm your email by clicking on the button in the email sent by Deriv as shown below.

Deriv signup email confirmation

Enter your location and account password in the next steps. Click on ”start trading” and you will then be taken to the next few pages showing the various account types offered by Deriv.

After verification, you will have created your Deriv MT5 demo account with $ 10,000 virtual funds. You will get an email confirming your details and welcoming you to Deriv.

2. Do Deriv Real Account Registration

Next, you will need to open a real Deriv account that will allow you to trade and withdraw real money. Take the following steps to do that.

Begin by clicking on the dropdown menu beside the $ 10,000 virtual money balance. Then click on the “Real‘ tab.

create deriv real account

Click on the ‘Add' button to add a real Deriv account. Select the base currency you want to use for your account. You will use this currency to deposit, trade and withdraw from Deriv.
Choose the best currency as you will not be able to change it after you make a deposit.

Enter your personal details in the steps that follow. Make sure you use details that you can verify later.

You can go ahead and fund your real Deriv account. You will need these funds to trade synthetic indices on mt5.

3. Open Deriv Real Account MT5

To trade synthetic indices on mt5 you will need a dedicated synthetic indices account. Create one using the steps below:

  • Log in to the real Deriv account you created in the step above & click on the ‘Real' tab again
  • A new dashboard will appear
  • Click on the ‘Add' button next to the Derived synthetic indices account.

    add Deriv synthetic Indices account
  • You will then be asked to create a password for the real Deriv MT5 synthetic indices account. This is the password that you want to do Deriv login mt5.

    This is not the main Deriv account password. It will only be used when you want to log in to the synthetic indices trading account on Deriv MT5.After completing Deriv real account registration mt5 you will now see the account listed with your login ID.
  • You will also get an email with your login ID that you will use to log in to the Deriv mt5 synthetic indices account.

After creating your account you will be prompted to transfer funds from your main Deriv account to your DMT5 synthetic indices account. You will need to do this before you can trade synthetic indices on mt5.

  • funded next
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4. Download & Login to Deriv on mt5 (Metatrader 5)

The Deriv mt5  platform is available for diffferent devices and operating systems. Download the platform for your device by clicking on the synthetic indices account as shown below.

Deriv Synthetic indices account MT5 download page

You will be taken to the mt5 download page where you can download the platform.

After downloading and installing the platform, you must log in to trade synthetic indices on mt5.

To connect Deriv to mt5 on your mobile application to the Deriv server, follow these instructions:

  • Tap โ€˜Settingโ€™ in the bottom right corner on iOS or 3 lines in the top left corner on Android devices.
  • Select โ€˜Log in to New accountโ€™ on iOS or tap โ€˜+โ€™ on Android devices.
  • Select or type in โ€˜Deriv Limitedโ€™ from the brokerโ€™s list.
  • Choose server by typing Deriv-Server
  • Enter your DMT5 credentials. These are the account ID for your Synthetic Indices account and your chosen password.
Log in to Deriv mt5 demo account

Make sure you type these correctly during theย login Deriv on mt5 process because if you make mistakes you will not be able to trade synthetic indices on mt5.

How To Connect Deriv To MT5 Account On Desktop

To link Deriv account to mt5 on desktop follow these instructions:

  • Click on the โ€œFileโ€ tab in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Click the โ€˜Login to Trade Account” section
  • Enter the account ID for your Synthetic Indices account
    Server: Deriv-Server
    Password: Enter your dmt5 synthetic indices password that you created when you were setting up the account.
How to Add Deriv mt5 synthetic indices account on Desktop

Make sure you type these correctly during theย Deriv mt5 login process because if you make mistakes, you cannot trade synthetic indices on mt5.

After successfully connecting to your Deriv Metatrader 5 account you will see a number of synthetic indices listed.

Click on any synthetic index to see its chart.

At this point, you can now use Deriv on mt5 and trade instruments like volatility indices, step index, crash & boom indices and range break indices.

How to add synthetic indices on Deriv mt5

If you do not see the synthetic index you want listed you can simply add it to mt5 by clicking Qoutes> Enter Symbol To Search> Type of Synthetic index> Clicking on the + button next to the synthetic index.

You will then see it listed.

How to Trade Synthetic Indices on Deriv MT5

  1. Click on the synthetic index you would like to trade from the list under the ‘Quotes‘ tab as shown below.

    how to trade synthetic indices on mt5
  2. A list will appear. Click on ”Chart
    how to trade synthetic indices on mt5
  3. Click on the box in the top right corner to bring up the trade options. Select your preferred lot size. Remember different synthetic indices have different minimum lot sizes.

    Choosing the wrong lot sizes may blow your account if you have inadequate equity.

    Next, choose your trade direction either buy or sell and click on the correct option. Your trade will then start running.

    trading synthetic indices on mt5

If you click on the ‘Trade' button at the bottom of the screen you will see your current equity, profit/loss of your running trades and your margin level.

You can also close your trade at any time by clicking the “Close” button next to the open position.

You can check out these strategies to help you become profitable.

Frequently asked questions on How To Trade Synthetic Indices On Deriv MT5

Can I trade synthetic indices on MT5?

es you can. Simply open a Deriv synthetic indices account and start trading synthetic indices on mt5.

How do I trade synthetic indices on mt4?

You cannot trade synthetic indices on mt4 because you will not find the Deriv servers on the platform.

Is trading synthetic indices from Deriv profitable?

Yes, trading synthetic indices can be profitable if you have a good strategy and good trading psychology. These tips can also help you.

How does MT5 connect to Deriv?

To connect your Deriv account to mt5 simply click on Settings>ย Log in to new account. Then enter the following details.

Broker: Deriv Limited
Server: Deriv-Server
Login: Enter the account ID for your Synthetic indices account.

Password: Enter the dmt5 synthetic indices password you created when setting up the account.

How long does MT5 Demo account last?

It lasts as long as you want to use it

How do I open a real account on MT5 with Deriv?

Click here to go to the Deriv mt5 sign-up page. Enter your email and get started.




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